Wuxi Ruifeng Chinese Medicine Hospital in Virtue of HRA, Revitalize the Developm

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  With the national policy vigorously promoted, the future development of Chinese medicine clinics has great potential. At the same time, Chinese medicine has good development opportunities on rehabilitation, pension, preventive health care and other aspects, is able to give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment. Chinese preventive treatment of disease is suitable for the development of technology, and also provide an important guarantee for the revitalization of the Chinese medicine industry. Many Chinese medicine hospitals choose to introduce HRA.

  After HRA’s introduction to Qinhuangdao Chinese Medicine Hospital, Jiangsu Baoying Chinese Medicine Hospital, Min County Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zhangqiu Chinese Medicine Hospital, Yuanjingtang Health Center, Beijing HongYiTang Chinese Medicine (international) clinic, the first preventive treatment HRA Health Risk Appraisal System come into Wuxi RuFeng hospital of Jiangsu province, to promote the development of local Chinese medicine industry.

  Wuxi Ruifeng Chinese Medicine Hospital belongs to Jiangsu Baijiahui pharmacy Ruifeng Co., Ltd. (Group), the group was selected for the top 100 pharmaceutical companies, involving pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and other institutions, it’s influence spread all over the southern Jiangsu region.

  Wuxi Ruifeng Chinese Medicine Hospital set traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation, physical therapy together, owning convenient transportation, beautiful environment, complete equipments, good service, strong technical ability. Ruifeng Chinese Hospital has more than 20 senior health technical staffs and also hires senior Chinese medicine practitioners from Shanghai, Beijing and other provinces to serve the majority of patients.

  With the improvement of public health awareness, the concept of disease prevention has become a lot of people's consensus, the concept of preventive treatment of disease has obvious advantage on prevention and healthcare. However, most medical institutions’ physical examinations aim to focus on screening diseases, it’s not only a waste of time, but also increase the waste of resources.

  Ruifeng Chinese medicine hospital introduces HRA Health Risk Appraisal System, which can detect the body, identify the current physical condition quickly and accurately within 5 minutes, and determine the risk of disease according to the detection of information, applying Chinese medicine technology, diet and other interventions. Later it can also guide the rational use of drugs with HRA assessment, which is a real meaning of personalized intervention!

  Chinese medicine theory has a long history, how to further promote the development of Chinese medicine is an important problem. The technology and products of preventive treatment of disease provide an effective way for the development of Chinese medicine, and also integrate modern science and technology, inherit the traditional Chinese medicine services.

  Follow the Ruifeng Chinese medicine hospital and Zhang Zhongjing's footprint, the Chinese medicine will be carried forward!

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