Hospital health management application model



Cases: People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hunan Provincial Children's Hospital


Relying on public hospitals, it introduces the concept of "National Health Management Center", establishes big data of health information through early disease screening, and issues personalized chronic disease intervention and rehabilitation programs based on the analysis results and physical examination items.The hospital has transformed from the original common disease treatment model to the full life cycle health management and service model, and has truly moved the disease prevention and control threshold forward to provide ordinary people with five-in-one medical security services of "physical examination, assessment, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation" to meet the needs of the public.Build the city's health management center, recognized by the leaders and the whole people.


Application mode of medical examination center



Case: Meinian Great Health, Public Physical Examination, Inclusive Physical Examination


The physical examination center introduced HSAP Health Management Solution as a precise physical examination tool, breaking the traditional single physical examination mode, carrying out personalized one-stop medical examination services, and extending post-examination health management services, which has been well received by all sectors of society.HSAP health management plan can enrich the content of medical examination packages, add health risk assessment to high-end and personalized physical examination, and increase market competitiveness,Transition the physical examination center from a pure physical examination model to a health management center, realize one-stop health management services before and after the examination, and realize industrial upgrading.


University health management application model



Cases: Tsinghua University, Peking University, Sichuan Dianzi University, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Tsinghua University applies the HSAP Health Management Program to carry out scientific sports management, pass early disease screening, formulate sports programs, and avoid sports injuries;Peking University applies the Whisper Health Management Program to carry out the "University Teachers and Students Care Program",The test is completed in five minutes, non-invasive and radiation-free. The test results can display the health status and risk index of the organs of the whole body, and give targeted further testing suggestions and chronic disease intervention and treatment plans.For some colleges and universities offering health management majors, they can combine the standardized curriculum system of colleges and universities, implement the concept of skill training, configure advanced health management suitable technical equipment, undertake the teaching tasks of health service and management practice, and cultivate students' professional quality, practical ability and innovation ability.

Combination of medical aesthetics and health care



Cases: Shenzhen Zhongxu Medical, Qingdao Ruiside, Sanmenxia Jimei, Biwei Group


High-end health management is integrated into HSAP's big health management plan to create a precise health management center model.The client organizes regular marketing activities, conducts health assessments for the client group, and then refers to other projects to expand clients.Through the whole body risk detection, it provides the basis for the precise management plan of customers, and increases the consumption value of single customers.Connect other businesses of the group in series to establish an all-in-one modern prevention program such as anti-aging and longevity, disease prevention, early intervention, targeted drug testing, etc., to achieve rapid conversion of customers.After the customer accepts the service, the curative effect verification will increase customer trust and improve service quality.


Combination model of real estate and health care



Case: China Railway Real Estate, Gemdale Real Estate, Yinfeng Real Estate


Real estate projects introduce HSAP’s full life cycle health management plan to create a medical and health system content of community service + tertiary hospital rescue green channel + health screening intervention + multiple health care services.Construct the 4P medical concept of predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory, and apply the comprehensive and three-dimensional health ecological system to the supporting display in real estate marketing.Enrich marketing stories, link corresponding project supporting and service scenarios; later apply comprehensive health services to real estate owners.


Combination model of insurance, finance and health care


Cases: China life ,Ping An ,Taikang life, NCI

Combining the insurance and finance project with HSAP's health management solution, it is committed to promoting the coordinated development of insurance/finance + medical care + big health industry.While launching health management products, it is also continuously developing the medical sector business, creating an integrated platform for intelligent full-process physical examination, one-stop management of pre-examination health information, personalized physical examination plan customization, self-service appointment; dynamic intelligent inspection during examination.Dynamic intelligent inspection during the examination, increasing the efficiency of physical examination; post-examination multi-dimensional data analysis, major disease risk assessment, customized management plan, further effectively combining health management with insurance/finance + medical care + big health, complementing the commercial puzzle.


The combination model of rural revitalization and health care



Case: Beierbao Village, Tianjin


Apply HSAP health management plan, attract tourists with free disease early screening projects, and retain tourists with free chronic disease intervention and conditioning projects,Build customer trust with one customer, one file, one card, one book, and one prize, making one-time travel short-term.Sojourn, multiple round-trips, drive the development of the tertiary industry, hot sales of agricultural and sideline products.


Application Mode of Cultural Tourism Group



Cases: China Kangyang Group, Liyang Meijie Resort, Tangshan Cultural Tourism


Apply HSAP health management plan, relying on local tourism and cultural resources to integrate health care into tourism, culture, leisure, vacation, and residence、Developing the cultural and tourism business with a vision of wisdom and health, developing a healthy culture with innovative thinking, and making cultural and tourism the main force in the construction of a healthy city.


Healthy City Application Model



Case: Pinggu District, Beijing, Shunyi District, Beijing, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, Chibi City, Hubei Province


Apply HSAP health management plan to carry out national health screening, help the construction of a healthy city, and promote the journey of global and full-season health care,Drive the sustainable development of the tertiary industry by relying on health technology, find out the health base of the urban population, build a big data platform for the health of the urban population, and form a report on the health of the urban population,Draw a map of urban population health, carry out precise health management and precision medicine, build a healthy city, highlight the power of the government, and maintain the well-being of the people.


Application mode of heterogeneous alliance



Case: Xiaoxian Stewed Bird’s Nest, Chengdu Shengshi, Liz Carl


HSAP's full life cycle health management solution empowers various fields, creating a new format of main business + health management,Create market hotspots to attract customers and realize single customer consumption upgrade,Provide customers with value-added services based on health risk assessment and non-invasive chronic disease management and rehabilitation, increasing customer stickiness and loyalty,greatly enhance market competitiveness.Complete industrial upgrading in the form of "Health +", bringing about improvements in social development index, human development index, social welfare index, and people's happiness index.

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