HSAP 8 Innovative Products Settled in Tianjin Yuanhe Hospital, Not One Less!

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  Recently, Tianjin Yuanhe Hospital introduced 8 innovative products from HSAP, including 5 HRA Health Risk Appraisal Systems, 1 PMR Microcirculatory Repair System, 1 Diagnosis and Prevention Training System of Alzheimer's Disease, 1 ADTS Memory Disorder Training System, to build an ecological circle from the passive medical care to the active health, and start grading therapy with the three-level linkage.

  Tianjin Yuanhe Hospital, first-level comprehensive medical insurance hospital, is approved by the Tianjin health authorities, setting prevention, medical care, consulting together.

  The hospital has introduced a large number of new cutting-edge medical equipments, bring together a number of well-known experts in the industry as academic leaders . With the hospital concept of “Creating a credit management institution, setting a reliable hospital”, and the service aim of “quality-oriented”, hospital will work wholeheartedly for the community to provide high-quality, cheap, convenient and all-round medical services, to create a safe, comfortable, warm green garden for the patient.

  For the common chronic disease, minor illness that obviously can be cured in the community hospitals, many patients still go to the large hospital in spite of waiting for long time, leading to the situation that many big hospitals are overcrowding, and also the "difficulty to see a doctor", "expensive medical treatment".

  As a community hospital, Tianjin Yuanhe Hospital promotes the classification of treatment model actively, achieves the integration of decentralized health data through the HRA Health Risk Appraisal System that HSAP self-developed. It can collect nine system 220 function value datas of the whole body, early screening of the high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases, and carry out high risk factors classification intervention, to improve the residents’ health files and realize Primary Diagnosis, Two-way Referral, Acute and Chronic Disease’s Distribution, Upper and Lower Linkage, so that medical resources can be reasonably configured.

  For the sub-health groups with chronic disease risk, PMR Microcirculatory Repair System can intervene. By correcting blood rheology, it can improve vasodilatation function and blood circulation, the treatment is simple, fast and safe, with no damage to normal cells. What’s more, the treatment effect of PMR is obvious, which promotes the management of high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases.

  Health check is the foundation, the risk intervention is key, health promotion and improvement is the goal, to control the health risk factors, and guide the service object to maintain health to achieve the change from a simple disease treatment to combine high-risk factors intervention with health and disease management and development through health examination, health monitoring, health assessment risk factors, health intervention.

  According to the status of population aging in China, the Diagnosis and Prevention Training System of Alzheimer's Disease that Tianjin Yuanhe Hospital introduced protects the health of the elderly. It can do analysis of patients and make reliable conclusions through the man-machine dialogue, and a variety of changes in brain waveform, control and improve the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

  ADTS Memory Disorder Training System, Alzheimer's disease intervening equipment, can effectively activate the cerebral cortex of nerve cells, prevent further deterioration of memory and brain function and lesions, to prevent the disease.

  HSAP has been struggling on the path of healthy management for technological innovation, based on non-invasive medical technology, health management model, to accumulate reliable experience for the whole life cycle and open a gap for the follow-up health management services.

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