MAA-200 Mwdical aerosol adsorp

Steady-state air one-way propulsion displacement flow technology, combined with the principle of catalytic decomposition and adsorption in-situ sterilization; primary filtration and H14 high-efficiency filtration, powerful purification; LCD touch color screen, intelligent and humanized operation; real-time detection of air environment,The filtration efficiency of bacteria and viruses reaches 99.9%.


Principle Of Equipment

   "MAA-200" medical aerosol adsorber adopts steady-state air one-way propulsion displacement flow technology combined with catalytic decomposition adsorption in-situ sterilization principle, full-time, active and passive combined air disinfection and sterilization.Through HEPA filtration, the filtration efficiency reaches more than 99.9%, forming a clean air barrier, effectively preventing the spread of aerosols in the air, and achieving the purpose of protecting medical staff and avoiding cross-infection.

   The equipment was developed by Qinhuangdao Huisiamp Medical System Co., Ltd., a key material manufacturer for epidemic prevention and control in Hebei Province, for the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.Aiming at improving the working conditions of medical staff and strengthening the occupational exposure protection of medical staff.

   It is an aerosol adsorption system used in confined spaces such as nuclear magnetic resonance rooms, ICUs, fever clinics, wards, public health places, etc.

Functional Features

1. Two-way clean area, providing multi-directional space cleanliness
2. High-efficiency filtration, filtration efficiency ≥ 99.9%
3. Convenient movement, realizing rapid space conversion
4. Multi-level control design, intelligent humanized control
5. High precision laser particle sensor

Test Report

Scope of Application

♦NMR room


♦Fever Clinic Infectious Disease Ward Burn Ward Premature Baby Room Hospital Sterile Room

The Harm of Aerosol

Bioaerosols refer to aerosols containing biological particles, including bacteria, viruses, and allergenic pollen, mold spores, fern spores, and parasite eggs, etc., in addition to having the characteristics of an aerosol.Infectious, sensitizing, etc.At present, medicine has proved that bioaerosols in the air can not only cause the large-scale transmission of SARS, H1N1 influenza, new coronary pneumonia and other diseases.And the lower respiratory tract infection it causes is still the fourth biggest killer of human beings.According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, nearly 3 million people die every year because of this, and it is the primary risk of death for young children.

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