PMR-200 Microcirculatory treat

The principle of bionic pulse magnetic resonance combined with extremely low frequency electromagnetic induction technology and space electromagnetic field control technology;,, pulsed magnetic resonance activates organ cells in the body to generate resonance, and within the combined frequency range, different frequency modes can activate different organ and tissue activities;, with sleep intervention.


Function Features

Intelligent: individualized precise intervention, intelligent operation, simple, fast, fast: 30 minutes to quickly promote blood flow, increase blood oxygen content, safe: magnetic field frequency is controlled at 3-30Hz, less than 40μT, precise: multi-target treatment.

Equipment Applicationplace

Healthy hotel
Create health management, sleep conditioning room

Medical care, medical aesthetics, health care, and health management centers
Creating characteristic treatment plans for chronic disease conditioning and sub-health conditioning.

Community medical care, family
Chronic disease, sub-health conditioning and consolidation

Equipment Model
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