AR-100Nasal red light therapy ins

Use low-intensity cold red light with a wavelength of 635nm to irradiate the nasal cavity; repair nasal tissue, eliminate edema, and improve nasal ventilation; image the migration of calcium ions inside and outside the cells, and inhibit the production of harmful substances such as active oxygen and histamine; effective

  AR Light Elf
Cold Red Light Therapeutic Instrument for Rhinallergosis

Product Summary

   AR-Light Elf is a bioelectronic optical energy instrument developed for people with sensitive nasal cavity by applying biological cold light source technology.

Light Elf Advantages

► There is a rich blood vessel network in the nasal cavity, and the blood flow of the turbinate tissue is relatively higher than that of liver, brain, muscle and other tissues;

► There are also abundant autonomic nerves in the nasal cavity, which can reflexively change the activities of the brain and internal organs.

► There are many cells related to the immune mechanism in the nasal mucosa and submucosa, which can improve immunity

► The nasal cavity is closely related to the cranial cavity, which can activate brain neurons;

► Nasal irradiation can directly treat and prevent rhinitis

► Many meridians and acupoints: There are 6 meridians passing through around the nasal cavity, which can play a therapeutic role.


Technical Parameter

Model AR-100
Light wavelength 630nm±20nm Narrowband light wave
Effective red irradiance 0.25mW/c㎡±20%(20cm)
Timer 10min+/-5%,Can be closed manually
(Put into the packing box)
Battery capacity 80mAh
Power consumption <120mW
Battery life Use about 8 times after fully charged
Charging method MicroUSB
Charging voltage/Charging current 5V/1A
Size 50×40×16mm
Power supply Internal lithium battery


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