Founded in 2011, Qinhuangdao Huisianpu Medical Systems Inc. is recognized as a hi-tech enterprise engaged in design, R&D, manufacture and sale of medical instruments and systems in biomedical field. Through the efforts in the past years, we have developed a team of over 50 professional R&D talents who are with the educational background of master or doctor degree and maintained long-term stable partnerships with multiple biomedical research institutes, colleges, universities and hospitals of Grade 3 Class A or above level. In addition, there are EMI and ESD academician workstation, biomedical research center and biomedical experience center.
       Our main products are HRA early-stage disease screening and health risk assessment system, Diagnosis and Prevention Training System of Alzhemer's Disease (ADDS), ADTS memory disorder training system and PMR pulsed magnetic resonance microcirculatory repair system, which are technical equipment to offer one-stop service for health management and constitute a whole product line for early-stage disease screening and assessment, health risk assessment and functional rehabilitation of segmentation markets before hospital and after hospital.
       At present, our products are sold to 32 districts, cities and provinces in China. Having maintained partnerships with China Health Promotion Foundation, Tsinghua University and Peking University, Huisianpu works with them on health management projects with HRA application study and national health cloud data as the core content, which accelerates the promotion of HRA in national health management demonstration bases, Huisianpu’s flagship units, colleges, universities and sport systems and benefits the public accordingly.

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