ADTS Portable memory disorder

ADTS portable memory disorder trainer
Artificial intelligence combined with brain-computer interface technology
Activates nerve cells in the cerebral cortex and strengthens brain function
Improves brain focus, complexity and approximate entropy
EEG drive control, safe command process
Safe, convenient, simple and effective
Clinical effective rate 92.78%

Principle Of Equipment

   ADTS Memory Impairment Trainer is a visual elderly affinity and memory degeneration prevention training equipment developed on the basis of dynamic EEG and behavioral control. The system takes the improvement of multi-dimensional indicators such as attention, memory, calculation, orientation, language and comprehensive ability as the training goal, and trains in the form of professional intelligent rehabilitation games, which can effectively improve the KC value and approximate entropy of the brain, activate the nerve cells of the cerebral cortex, prevent the further degeneration and lesions of memory and brain function, and achieve the purpose of preventing and treating Alzheimer's disease.

Functional Features
1. Cutting-edge technology
Through brain-computer interface technology, combined with virtual reality technology, using Bluetooth transmission, mind control, and intensive stimulation of cerebral cortex cells.

2. Intelligent visual interface
With intelligent design, the boring training process is transformed into a visual animation operation interface, and the training effect is displayed in real time.

3. Non-drug therapy
Developed by a team of experts, it is safe and has no side effects.

4. Easy to operate
Memory impairment training instrument, easy to operate, self-service rehabilitation training, greatly reducing the burden on manpower.

Technical Parameters

Equipment size 210mm×160mm×130mm
Supply voltage Internal lithium battery DC3.7V
Lithium battery capaciyt 400mAh
Lithium battery charging voltage DC 5.0V
Communication method Bluetooth 3.0
Noise 小于60dB(A)
Relative humidity ≤90%RH(No condensation)
Security classification Internal mains powered equipment,type BF applide parts
APP Operating environment requirement Operating system Android 4.0.0 and above,memory 1.5G or above


Alzheimer's disease prevention training illustration

Qualifications and Academic


   "How far is Alzheimer's disease away from you" was published in May 2016 by Zhang Bing, director of the Sports and Health Science Research Center of Tsinghua University, and David Belling, a doctor and professor of chiropractic in the United States.

Cooperation Case

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University,relying on Whisper Amp's full set of technical equipment, carries out health risk assessment, early warning of disease information, early intervention and rehabilitation of diseases, etc.


Beijing University

In order to carry out the health care action for teachers, the Institute of Sports Science of Peking University introduced a complete set of health management equipment from Whisper to conduct early screening of HRA diseases and health risk assessment for all teachers in the school, especially for teachers with chronic diseases and sub-health to repair PMR microcirculation.


Yunnan Jieluofu Health Hotel

The first GF Jieluofu Hotel in Asia, the hotel has a "Healthy Era" service center, equipped with HRA, PMR and ADTS memory impairment training, to establish life-long health file management for guests, and combined with nutritionists, personal fitness trainers, etc., for the staying guests


All-China Federation of Trade Unions Beidaihe Sanatorium

All-China Federation of Trade Unions Beidaihe Sanatorium, in order to improve the health literacy of model workers and the general staff, deepen the reform of health management, chronic disease treatment and functional rehabilitation services.


Tianjin Beierbao (rural revitalization)

Beierbao Village, Taitou Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin City is adjacent to the south bank of the Ziya River, and is located in the forest of 10,000 mu.

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