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  Everyone must go through the process of life: birth, aging, illness, and death. A person from health to illness is not in one day. Generally it need to pass from health to lower risk, to the high risk, and then early lesions, clinical symptoms, eventually forming the disease. This process often takes several years to ten years, even decades. Physical examination is a vital means of health management, generally should step in at the low risk, through some system test and evaluate the possible risk factors of disease, to help people make a preventive intervention in targeted can successfully block, postpone, and even reverse the disease occurrence and development process. Ultimately achieve the purpose of maintaining health.

  Regular physical examination includes general examination, liver function, blood glucose, blood lipid, renal function, abdominal B to exceed, male and female specialized examination, urine routine, chest X-ray, ecg, internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology and otolaryngology examination and so on. In specific operations, many inspections complete by the answer examiner asked the examinee. Or what we often say that go through the motions.

  Now that is a physical examination, the project is of course the more the better. But in front of general physical examination means, a lot of people cannot afford, can't endure hungry, because of increasing project means that increases the time cost, increases the uncomfortableness and safe hidden trouble, so a lot of people keep a love-hate relationship when it comes to physical examination.

  Different from general physical examination means, HRA System utilizes the Bioelectrical induction technology, Bioelectrical impedance measuring technology and Chronoamperometry analysis technology, to reconstruct human organs’ 3D images, and to directly show the status trend of human organs, so as to diagnose early-stage diseases and therefore make an assessment about the human body.

  Can you be more confident after getting 201 indicators about your health condition just in 5 minutes? If regulate yourself in time according to the dietary recommendations and possible trend provided by HRA, achieve prevention cure, you can more make physical examination have the effect of the health division, make yourself real experience to enjoy intelligent health management.

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