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   Nowadays, quite a few people are suffering from sub-health. Indeed, sub-health can result in both physical and mental diseases. Even worse, people who suffer from sub-health are more easily to die prematurely.

  There are many factors resulting in sub-health. Among these, the pace of modern life plays a vital role. The fast pace of modern life exerts great pressure on people and pressure is the ultimate cause of sub-health. What is more, modern people spend too much night time working or entertaining, which seriously affects their health.

  Considering the great harm brought by sub-health, I think it is high time that we took effective measures to prevent sub-health. But how do we know we are not healthy ? Then you can considr HRA(Health Risk Appraisal Systems) from HRA Medical Systems,China .

  HRA System utilizes the Bioelectrical induction technology, Bioelectrical impedance measuring technology and Chronoamperometry analysis technology, to reconstruct hum an organs’ 3D images, and to directly show the status trend of human organs, so as to diagnose early-stage diseases and therefore make an assessment about the human body. With perfect built-in health guidance system and precise measuring of electrophysiological activity, HRA could provide an expert level health guidance.

  After examination by HRA ,it will give us advise about health and instruct us to have a rational diet under the instruction of doctor in order to avoid the diseases caused by malnutrition or super-nutrition. It helps disease control and prevetion .

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