SMIS-IISleep monitoring intervention

     Sleep Monitoring Invention System (SMIS) is designed by simulating the pulsed principle and combining extremely low-frequency electromagnetic induction technology and spatial electromagnetic field control technology. During therapy, it works in this way: Through array reorganization of multiple pulse emission sources, it emits extremely low-frequency PEMF to generate 0 to 15Hz variable-frequency harmonic wave; it simulates the brain wave law during our sleeping process, couples the process with human brain by external pulsed magnetic field and forms the induction current; induction current will trigger active sleep center, and procure it to resonate with the said pulsed magnetic field, thus causing nerve impulse  and histiocyte’s breeder reaction and actively transmitting information to reticular system. As 
stimulating magnetic field transits from electroencephalogram of clear-headed and relaxed states to slow wave sleep electroencephalogram, neurons’ excitement level drops gradually, with inhibitory action dominating, which could promote sleeping and intervene with sleep disturbance for treatment. 

Conventional equipment

 The Student Physique Monitoring and Assessment Platform designed it according to “National Constitution Standard”. It integrates multiple physical data acquisition and analysis equipment, and can provide body shape, skill, quality and other assessment items.

Erythrocyte Aggregation Rehabilitation System

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