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  At 9:30 am,June 16, 2017, Xinjiang Aletai People's Hospital National Health Medical Industry Group HRA high-end screening equipment’s introducing activity officially launched. The aim of this activity is to target pre-illness screening of residents in the region by HRA electrical impedance measurement, and find multiple risk factors and early traces of various chronic diseases at the earliest stage, to achieve "preventive treatment of disease" effect. Xinjiang Aletai District People's Hospital Dean Deng Yongjian, Party Secretary Xiao Junfeng and the National Health Medical Industry Group President Wang Qiang attended the event.

  Dean of the People's Hospital of Altay, Xinjiang, Dean Deng Yongjian made a speech, “Our hospital introduced HRA high-end screening equipment, hoping that we can achieve people's chronic disease early detection and early intervention through this high-tech screening equipment, to better serve the health of Altay region people, and greatly enhance the health of local people.”

  National Health Medical Industry Group President Wang Qiang said,” the concept of health services to promote the whole life cycle management carried by Altai Regional People's Hospital in the region, is to popularize the mainstream of health awareness in the hearts of the region people, and achieve the transformation from the focus on disease diagnosis and treatment to the whole process of life health monitoring, disease control, prevention, preventive treatment of disease. Our National Healthcare Industry Group will cooperate with the work of the Regional Health Commission and the Altay Regional People's Hospital, to serve the health of Altai region.”

  Health is related to everyone's life, is an important factor in people's happiness index, so it’s meaningful to concern about the health of people. National President Xi Jinping stressed at the National Health and Health Congress,” There is no comprehensive well-off without national health.” 180 years ago, the most common "poor" disease in China are tuberculosis, chronic hepatitis and other infectious diseases, malnutrition. 180 years later, with the economic and social development, Chinese people have not farewelled "poor" disease, and because of lifestyle’s changes, diabetes, coronary heart disease and other "rich disease" encirclement came out. So our country put forward the concept of "precision medical". The precise medical needs accurate physical examination, and the accurate detection start with the early screening of the disease.

  , and develop gradually. But the word "chronic" means that we have the time and space to prevent it, the progressive progress of its course also determines the need for early detection, early intervention. It is not enough for medical workers in modern society to only relieve the patient's illness passively, they must take the responsibility to prevent chronic diseases. Forward leading the concept and strategy, and achieving the transformation from the focus on disease diagnosis and treatment to the whole process of life health monitoring, disease control, prevention, preventive treatment of disease, is the challenge and mission we are facing with.

  Xinjiang Aletai region introduced universal health HRA health risk assessment system combining with conventional medical examination technology, acting from active prevention, to do pre-risk screening for the residents of the region with HRA electrical impedance measurement technology, will help finding multiple risk factors and early traces of various chronic diseases at the earliest stage. And implementation of pre - intervention measures, can reduce the incidence of chronic diseases, do conventional medical examination on hidden diseases screened out , to do early diagnosis, early treatment, and also delay the development of chronic diseases. Practice has proven that the screening by HRA health risk assessment system used before the risk of disease, can prevent chronic diseases. Now exploring the entry point of prevention of chronic diseases is an important subject of clinical preventive medicine.

  HRA Health Risk Assessment System of National Healthcare Industry Group has been a comprehensive, efficient and standardized health screening facility through clinical practice, is suitable as a pre-screening screening equipment, can help medical institutions to quickly establish a residential health data platform, and work as an effective means of medication guidance and efficacy evaluation.

  The introduction of National Health Management New Model in the Altay Area, is a part of the project in Xinjiang to promote medical benefits, and the integration of the Chinese natio, is also an important job to improve people's livelihood, protect the primary health care services, and maintain social stability and developmen. Xinjiang Altay region’s "national health disease screening" activities focus on creating model work, which is close to the needs of the peopl, and help people do a good job of disease prevention, chronic disease management, classification and other medical services, giving a demonstration for the future in the whole region and the promotion of Xinjiang. National Health Medical Industry Group conscientiously implements the the “Health China 2030" Plan issued by State Council, and implements the general requirements of "medical union construction", practices the whole life cycle health management concept, to achieve perceived, preventable, intervenable, rehabilitable health management objectives. The Group has always regarded one of the the health management of grassroots people as key strategies, so that the township, county and more people in urban communities can receive the benefits of innovation and technology, to further contribute to the development of government public utilities.

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