Chinese Medicine Hospital Act First Before Disease, How to Expand the Industry F

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  At present, Chinese medicine is in the development of good conditions, What is the future direction of Chinese medicine hospital development? To continue to seize resources with Western medicine and comprehensive hospital or give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and work out a different path of development?


  The medical industry is at a new stage of development, in the past, people went to hospital only when suffered with serious illness, now more and more people pay attention to disease prevention.

  Preventive treatment of disease and healthy physical examination have become future commercioganic industry. Today, “Healthy China” is strongly advocated, the medical industry should be in-depth understanding of the public demand for health, change the traditional medical service model, and provide people with the medical service products they need initiatively. Chinese medicine industry has broad prospect.


  With the development of medical and health system, medical competition is increasingly motivated. Public hospitals change from the negative waiting to actively look for medical resources. And hospitals look for patients through setting up medical team for free clinic, attract patients to the hospital to carry out clinics.

  At the same time, people and the government continue to attach importance to preventive medicine, gradually establish and improve the disease prevention system, to promote medical institutions to change business philosophy, expand the medical market and also look for new service areas, introduce new service products.

  Way Out

  Chinese medicine hospitals should be guided by market need, and explore Chinese medicine, advocate preventive treatment of disease, to produce health examination center, chronic disease management and health guidance services and other products.

  Expand the Industry in Preventive Treatment of Disease

  The ancients had already known the importance of precautionary. Chinese medicine hospital can establish preventive treatment of disease service system from the health movement, health examination center to the medicated health.

  Qinhuangdao Chinese Medicine Hospital is one of the earliest excellent hospitals in China to carry out the preventive treatment of disease, its preventive treatment of disease center is a national priority. In accordance with the level of disease prevention, prevention of disease lesion, rehabilitation, launch a health risk assessment, hospital applies the first domestic HRA functional medical testing equipment to achieve systemic noninvasive physical examination, and assesse the health of the patients combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory.

  The hospital determines a number of common diseases, chronic diseases, occupational diseases according to the detection of information, to provide detailed health care programs and medication guidance .

  Play an Effective Role in Chronic Disease Monitoring

  With the population aging of our country, the prevalence of chronic diseases such as hypertension is rising. The monitoring system medical institutions established can not only dynamically grasp the patient's condition changes, but also guide their living and condition.

  They can also establish a monitoring network on diabetes, hypertensive patients, and monitor the patient's blood pressure, heart rate and blood glucose changes through information technology

  Monitoring station medical staff should have a wealth of professional knowledge, and also have a solid foundation of Chinese medicine theory. They should guide patients to form a right way of life and good eating habits according to the specific circumstances of patients, and adjust the patient's health through the food structure.

  The ideal structure of Chinese medicine hospital in the future should be that the medical income accountes for only one-half or two-thirds of the total income, the rest of the income comes from preventive health care, health care and other related services.

  Chinese medicine hospital embodies the essence of "preventive treatment of disease". Chinese medicine hospital should adjust the concept and development ideas, analyze the public demand for Chinese medicine services, and constantly expand the service areas, to provide high-quality products with "preventive treatment of disease" thought.

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